Homepage of Axel Kölschbach Ortego

I'm a maths master student at the university of Bonn. I am interested in Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory. Last year I was in Cambridge taking Part III. Before that I was a bachelor student at Bonn. My bachelor thesis can be found here. You can send me an email to koelschbach at uni-bonn dot de.

Teaching – Local fields and class field theory

This term, I am the teaching assistant for a class on local fields and class field theory by Dr. Oliver Bräunling. I am offering two exercise sessions, on

On Thursday, 10th of January I will offer a Q&A-session on homological algebra.

The example sheets will appear here every week. They should be handed in Tuesdays at the lecture.

Study group – Berkeley lectures on p-adic geometry

The goal is to go carefully through Scholze's Berkeley lectures. The idea is to meet for the following: Students at an advanced master level or further are welcome to attend. We have booked room N0.008 at 6pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, but we could also change it to other dates (if rooms are available).